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Commercial Refrigeration and Cool Room Specialists Melbourne

Commercial Refrigeration and

Cool Room Specialists Melbourne

From commercial freezers to air conditioning systems, cool rooms, and market refrigeration units—these electrical devices are no strangers to the need for regular maintenance.

In Melbourne, when they hit a glitch, there’s no need to rush to the store for a replacement. That's where a qualified mechanic steps in, solving the issues and saving you the hefty cost of a new appliance.

Finding great commercial refrigeration repairs and service Melbourne has to offer is challenging because of various reasons.

Professional Commercial Refrigeration Installation

At Elgendy Refrigeration, we are all about commercial refrigeration—from the initial concept to the final touch. With over 20 years of hands-on experience under our belts, we’re the know-it-alls of the refrigeration world, and we wear that badge with pride. Whether it’s a freezer or an entire cool room, we promise an impeccable, professional installation—right on the first go, every single time. Our meticulous refrigeration mechanic team crafts solutions that fit both your budget and your space, serving the entire Melbourne area.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs, Service & Maintenance

Electrical devices, be they commercial freezers, air conditioning systems, cool rooms, or market refrigeration units, demand a keen eye for maintenance. When they falter, it's not about ringing up a supplier for a new unit—it’s about calling a qualified refrigeration mechanic who knows how to revive and rejuvenate your existing equipment. In Melbourne, finding top-tier commercial refrigeration repairs and services can be a dicey affair for many reasons. But with Elgendy Refrigeration, you're in the safest of hands. Our Melbourne-based team provides responsive emergency refrigeration services and proactive maintenance programmes designed to keep your crucial equipment humming along beautifully.

Elgendy Refrigeration is well-known for delivering quick and successful service on all types of commercial freezers.

Display Cabinets

Chiller MultiDeck Counter

Under Bench

Super Market Fridge

Cool Rooms

Air Conditioning Systems

Freezer Rooms

Glass Chillers

Accurate, Affordable Pricing

Elgendy Refrigeration prides itself on providing accurate work with affordable pricing. From complete projects through to the supply of equipment and services.

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