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Commercial Fridge Repairs

When your commercial fridge is on the fritz, you need fast, reliable repairs to keep your business running smoothly. Our team of skilled technicians is ready to get your refrigeration units back in business.

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Our Premier Services

At El Gendy Refrigeration, we provide tailored services for today's diverse business needs. From rapid breakdown solutions to thorough preventive care, our expertise ensures optimal performance for your refrigeration systems. Explore our offerings and experience our dedication to unparalleled quality and reliability.

Breakdown Service

When your refrigeration system faces an unexpected hiccup, our 24/7 Breakdown Service is your lifeline. We ensure swift solutions to get your equipment back up and running in no time, minimising disruptions to your business.

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your equipment with our Preventive Maintenance programs. We proactively identify potential issues, ensuring your commercial refrigeration system operates efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Lighting and Electrical Repairs

From malfunctioning interior lights to intricate electrical faults, our expert technicians ensure your refrigeration's lighting and electrical systems function seamlessly. Trust us for safe, efficient, and lasting electrical repairs.

Why Melbourne Trusts Us

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, the team you choose can make all the difference. With El Gendy Refrigeration, you're opting for excellence and distinction. Here's why we're the top pick for your business.

Top-Rated Service in Melbourne

Ranked among the best commercial refrigeration services, our 5 Star record showcases our consistent quality.

Fast and Reliable

Cellulite is fat that is caught between bands of connective tissue directly beneath.

15+ Years of Experience

Our team excels in refrigeration systems with a combined 15+ years of expertise. Each member is highly qualified, ensuring top-notch service quality.

Affordable Rates & Best Prices

We pride ourselves on providing top-tier services at rates that won't break the bank, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs for All Types of Businesses

In the bustling world of business, each sector has its unique needs, especially when it comes to refrigeration. At El Gendy Refrigeration, we understand the intricate requirements and nuances of different industries. Our tailored solutions ensure that regardless of your business type, we've got your refrigeration needs covered.

Case Study: A Midnight Rescue for a Commercial Shop

Emergency Response and Expert Solution

A local shop was on the brink of disaster when its commercial fridge malfunctioned late at night. With a significant inventory at risk, there was a real possibility of substantial financial losses.

Recognising the urgency, we quickly dispatched one of our expert technicians. Despite the late hour, our dedicated gentleman was on-site by 11 PM, showcasing our commitment to emergency service and rapid response.

With deep knowledge and a deft touch, our technician quickly identified and remedied the issue. Not only was the fridge restored to its optimal condition in no time, but the shop also found our pricing to be the best in the market.

Exceptional Results: Emergency Service and Value Delivered
  • The shop could continue its operations seamlessly, thanks to our around-the-clock service commitment.
  • Our technicians' skills ensured swift and efficient problem resolution, saving the shop from a potential catastrophe.
  • Beyond top-notch service, the shop owner appreciated our honest and competitive pricing.
Client Testimonial

"I would 100% recommend El Gendy Refrigeration. Such an honest team and a pleasure to deal with. If it wasn’t for them, we would have lost thousands in stock. Thank you so much for your help." Read on Google

What Our Clients Say

Real Feedback, Genuine Results: Hear directly from our valued clients and discover the difference we make in the businesses across Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quick Answers, Clear Insights: Explore common queries about our services for a smooth experience

What's the response time for your 24/7 Breakdown Service?

We prioritise fast response times, especially for emergencies. Typically, our team can reach most Melbourne locations within a few hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your services?

Absolutely! All our repair services come with a specific guarantee, ensuring you receive the best quality and peace of mind. Exact warranty details can vary, so please discuss this with our team during your service.

Are replacement parts included in the repair costs?

Costs for replacement parts are typically separate from the service fee. However, we strive to provide a transparent quote, detailing both service and parts costs, before commencing any repair.

What areas in Melbourne do you service?

We proudly serve all of Melbourne. No matter where you're located, our team is ready to assist you with your commercial refrigeration needs.

Do you provide services for both old and new refrigeration systems?

Yes! Our expert team is well-equipped to handle both old systems and the latest models in the market. We ensure that every refrigeration system, regardless of its age, receives top-notch care.

Serving Melbourne & All Surrounding Suburbs

At El Gendy Refrigeration, we proudly cover central Melbourne and extend our services within a 50 KM radius around Epping, VIC.

Check our detailed service map below for a comprehensive look at our reach.

Ascot Vale - 3032

Blackburn - 3130

Box Hill - 3128

Broadmeadows - 3047

Brunswick - 3056

Bundoora - 3083

Camberwell - 3124

Carlton - 3053

Coburg - 3058

Craigieburn - 3064

Croydon - 3136

Diamond Creek - 3089

Doreen - 3754

Doncaster - 3108

Eltham - 3095

Essendon - 3040

Fawkner - 3060

Fitzroy - 3065

Footscray - 3011

Glenroy - 3046

Hawthorn - 3122

Heidelberg - 3084

Lalor - 3075

Melbourne (CBD) - 3000

Mernda - 3754

Mill Park - 3082

Moonee Ponds - 3039

Northcote - 3070

Preston - 3072

Reservoir - 3073

Richmond - 3121

Ringwood - 3134

Roxburgh Park - 3064

South Morang - 3752

South Yarra - 3141

Sunbury - 3429

Templestowe - 3106

Thomastown - 3074

Thornbury - 3071

Greensborough - 3088

Get Your Refrigeration Back on Track

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Top Rated Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Melbourne

Keeping your fridge humming smoothly isn't just a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s the backbone of a chilled and pleasant vibe in your work or living space. Think about it: when Melbourne’s mercury is rising, you need your commercial refrigeration running like a well-oiled machine, especially during those scorching peak times.

Regular servicing? That’s not a question, it’s a must-do. Your commercial fridge and cooling system need a bit of a helping hand, just like your trusty ute.

Enter Elgendy Refrigeration. Our mechanics are not just good; they’re the cream of the crop, with bucketloads of experience in 24-hour refrigeration service, fridge repairs, installations, and mechanical wizardry. Fully qualified and sharp as tacks, our repair team is ready to ride to your rescue, anywhere in Melbourne. Keep your cool with Elgendy – we're the real deal in refrigeration!

Refrigeration Mechanic Working Commercial Fridge in Melbourne

We're the go-to fixer-uppers for all the big names in commercial fridges, market refrigeration systems, and industrial air conditioners. Whether it's a hiccup with a single part or a full-on system meltdown, savvy timing and top-notch repairs are your mates in safeguarding your cool investment.

Melbourne's got its share of fridge gripes, with commercial fridge doors copping a fair bit of flak. And let's not start on the tribulations with refrigerator compressors – they're the usual suspects in the line-up of parts worn down by the non-stop hustle of an office or business setting.

For any kind of issues in your refrigerator, Contact our 24 hr Refrigeration Service team now.

In many instances, it’s clear as day when your commercial fridges in Melbourne need repairs or servicing. From outright system failures to distinct cooling issues, these problems shout for immediate attention. However, some fridge troubles are a bit more sneaky, keeping you guessing whether it’s time to ring up a professional service. If you’re on the fence, keep an eye out for these warning signs:

Interior lights throwing a never-ending party (not turning off, that is)

Door seals that have seen better days

A Chiller MultiDeck Counter acting the goat

Over cooling or cooling system not working

Elgendy Refrigeration Melbourne based commercial refrigeration services provider can take care of all of your fridges needs at your commercial premises with the following services:

24/7 breakdown service across Melbourne for all your commercial refrigeration needs

Budget-friendly design and installation solutions

Proactive preventive maintenance programs to keep your cool, mate!

Our refrigeration mechanics can take care of the following refrigeration systems and air conditioning needs

Aussie-approved Commercial Fridges

Top-notch Beer Dispensing Systems

Efficient Air Conditioning Units

Sleek Wall-Mounted Split Air Cons

Rapid-action Blast Chillers

Premium Refrigerated Cabinets

Ultimate Unit Liquid Coolers

Stylish Cassette Air Conditioners

Reliable Cold storage Solutions

Chiller MultiDeck Counters for the busy bee

All-in-one cool rooms

Full-service Freezer Rooms

Ice Machine Care & Maintenance

State-of-the-art Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Refreshing Water Chillers

Cutting-edge Cool Room Control Panels


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